Introducing The HYDRA Tactical Supply Feed

10 years ago, HYDRA Tactical set out to provide military, police, First Responders, and every patriot in this great nation with a better tactical gear distributor. We committed to offering exclusive tactical gear at better prices, with unmatched support. Since then, we’ve become a strong network of enthusiasts, bound by a patriotic spirit and a shared foundation of strength, pride, support, and preparedness. Now, we’re proud to bring our community the next chapter in HYDRA Tactical’s story: The HYDRA Tactical Supply Feed. The Supply Feed is a one-stop source for the tactical enthusiast, veteran, gear head, and everyday patriot. We’re bringing military expertise, gear recommendations, reviews, industry news, and much more to the table. Read on to learn more, and welcome to the family.

Living The Tactical Lifestyle

If you were to empty your pockets right now, what would there be? A phone, keys, and a wallet? We’re betting there’d be a multi-tool and pistol too. From the hook and loop on your hat to your boots on the ground, your gear serves a purpose. There are those among us who live according to the circumstances, then there are those who are prepared for every circumstance. That is the tactical lifestyle, and we’re pretty damn passionate about it. We’ve got a lot to say about every day carry kits, capable apparel, military tactical gear, and everything else the patriotic lifestyle consists of.

Stay In The Fight

The Stay In The Fight section of The Supply Feed allows us to share our expertise, insight, and recommendations as veterans. The founder of HYDRA Tactical is a former infantry Marine with deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and our team consists of many other servicemen and women. Now, we offer a home for a conversation about military news, updates, insights, scenario preparation, and more. 

Gear Spotlight

Having the right gear in your loadout can be the difference between a critical situation and smooth sailing. At HYDRA Tactical, we are passionate about the gear we own, and we know you are too. The Gear Spotlight showcases the best tactical gear brands in the business with the gear that made them the best, and helps you decide which gear will best fit your collection. Looking for that lightweight plate carrier that you’ll feel protected and comfortable in for days on end? How about boots that are lightweight and protective enough to quickly descend a shale-covered mountainside? We’ve assembled the collection, now let’s make sure you find the right gear.