High Speed Gear

HSGI Slim Grip Padded Belt


The Slim Grip belt is one of the most flexible tactical belts on the market, and is now a lower weight and profile than the Sure Grip Padded Belt. A combination of comfort and strength to support anyone's operation. It is design to reduce back strain without drooping down. Featuring a modular system with a slim profile that is just 0.5 inches think and 3.25 inches tall.

A Neoprene padding gives the belt a cushiony feel. There is a removable HDPE stiffener sheet throughout to add more stability when you need it. Four suspender attachments allow for easy expansion. And a three continuous rows of PALS/MOLLE to attach all your gear. The Slim Grip Padded Belt (SGPB) is meant to be used with a HSGI Cobra Rigger Belt. Made in America

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