DDT Ghost Plate Carrier - PATRIOT


The GHOST is the real deal. When defending against threats foreign or domestic, this is what you need. Being apart of the DDT PATRIOT line means this is made of only American materials and made in the honor of someone who served the nation. This is named in memory of "The Ghost", Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban.

Go fully into battle with front, back, and side plates. Both front and back panels feature mesh to provide with the much needed air flow. Extra wide adjustable shoulder straps help to better distribute weight. Front and back panels, along with the shoulder straps, all feature closed-cell foam padding for optimal comfort. Comes included with a removeable cummerbund to add to all of the MOLLE webbing. Patch fields on front and back, and a rear drag handle.

Specifications and Features

  • Holds either 10"x 12" or 11"x 14" Front Plates
  • Holds 6"x 6" or 6"x 8" Side Plates
  • Closed Cell Padding
  • Made of 1000D Nylon
  • Water-Resistant Lining
  • Fully Box or Double Stitched
  • Tex 70 Nylon Bonded Thread
  • Measures 19"x 15"
  • USA Made
  • Lifetime Warranty

All DDT products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Any manufacturing defects, workmanship issues, or material issues are all covered. DDT is proud to serve the people the United States, and remains a veteran owned and operated company.

Lieutenant Colonel Matt Urban - "The Ghost"

One of the most decorated soldiers in American history. An infantry officer who was given the nickname "The Ghost" from the Nazis. This was because every time they believed they killed him just kept coming back to life. And his 7 Purple Hearts can attest to that. He was a leader that never failed to lead his troops. Regardless of an injuries he sustained, Urban was on the front lines with his fellow soldiers. His contribution to the war effort could only be matched by the irreplaceable boost to the moral of his men. The Medal of Honor is only but one of the many medals he earned. Each with their own story of exceptional heroism.

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