Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap


Duke Cannon is a man's man. Duke Cannon believes you should smell like a man. Duke Cannon had the brilliant idea to infuse Old Milwaukee into his famous Big Ass Brick of Soap to make the Duke Cannon Big Ass Beer Soap.

Ditch the loofah and girly body wash; Duke Cannon's Big Ass Beer Soap weighs an impressive 10 oz. and it's massive size makes it easy for any man to get clean and smell good with a quickness.

Rest assured that you won't end up smelling like a sloppily-performed shotgun at the tail end of a late-night bender. Duke Cannon's Big Ass Beer Soap has a woodsy, sandalwood scent to leave you clean with a refreshing scent.

As with all Duke Cannon items, a portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to benefit U.S. Veterans. Always made in the USA at the same plant that manufactured these brick style soaps for American soldiers during the Korean war.

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