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ENO DoubleNest Hammock


In order to fully enjoy the great outdoors, you’ll need to kick back with the ultimate in comfort. A well-designed camping hammock is the perfect option for those moments, and the DoubleNest is here to guide you on your way to Nirvana. Now you can sit and laugh at all the people sitting in the dirt, like suckers.

Fear not, it won't be lonely up at the top, because the ENO DoubleNest is more than big enough to invite a friend! Now, with two, you really have a party going on. So go ahead, approach that multi-day hike, build out your emergency pack, or keep chilling at the park - the DoubleNest hammock will be ready. To see straps, double hammocks, and full shelters, see our full collection of ENO products.

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Key DoubleNest Hammock Features

  • Ready Anywhere-There are few shelter options as light, portable, and universal as the hammock. When weight and size matter most, the hammock is an easily carried shelter that can be set up nearly anywhere
  • Built To Last-ENO hammocks aren’t designed to be hung and forgotten in the backyard. With triple stitched seams, quick-drying 70D nylon, and aluminum wire gate carabiners, the DoubleNest is ready to withstand demanding use.
  • Unmatched Storability-Weighing in at just 19oz, and compressing down to 4”x5.5”, you can take this camping hammock anywhere. When there simply isn’t room for a tent, the hammock turns into the perfect option.


  • Triple Stitched Seams
  • 70D High Tenacity Nylon Taffeta
  • Aluminum Wiregate Carabiners
  • Attached Compression Sack
  • Dimensions: 9’ x 6’ 6”
  • Packed Dimensions: 4” x 5.5”
  • Weight Limit: 400lbs
  • 2-person design