FirstSpear Pistol Triple Magazine Pouch


This pistol mag shingle holds up to six magazines closer and more comfortably to the body than traditional style MOLLE-style pouches. High-friction materials in key places provide additional retention and durability. It also used a hook and loop closure system to keep your magazine in place. Coming in 6/9 or 6/12 attachment styles.

The FirstSpear 6/9 attachment technology is meant for users who have not yet adopted FirstSpear's 6/12 Modular Platforms, making pouches with the 6/9 attachment system compatible with MOLLE/PALS style webbing. However, it still offers significant weight reduction over traditional MOLLE/PALS pouches, and the flexible nature of the 6/9 straps allow for tighter tolerances. This makes for a closer mount to the body and a reduced overall profile.

The FirstSpear 6/12 attachment technology achieves a 40% weight reduction compared to conventional attachment systems, without sacrificing performance. The overall profile of the pocket on the platform is significantly condensed. Pouches that use the 6/12 attachment are NOT compatible with MOLLE/PALS systems, they are meant to work with FirstSpear's 6/12 Modular Platform technology.

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