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First Tactical Tactix 0.5-Day Backpack


This sturdy half-day back exponentially increases organization options. Among compact tactical backpacks, the Tactix 0.5-Day Backpack leaves its competition in the back of the pack. Boasting a total of 9 external and 19 internal pockets, as well as external webbing to allow for endless customization. And a dedicated fleece-lined eye wear pocket located on the front. On the outside is also a compression strap that can be easily re-positioned for optimal placement.

Lynx laser cut webbing is compatible with MOLLE/PALS, but is 20% stronger and offers twice the usable loops. And an ingenious Hook and Hang Thru System compartment unzips top and bottom, allowing specialized items like First Tactical Rifle Sleeve or other over sized tactical gear or hanging items to slide through and securely hook and hang in place. Fully outfitted with YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware. Constructed out of 500D/1000D water resistant nylon. Overall approximate capacity of 27.4 liters.

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Customer Reviews

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Almost the perfect day pack...

These are my observations/opinions of this pack for the way I use it. You mileage may vary...

I picked up the 0.5-Day pack as a replacement for my 5.11 Rush 12 that has been my go to day/travel bag for years. I wanted just a little more room and storage pockets and thought this would fit the bill.

Pack is well made and has plenty of pockets. Stitching looks good through out. Love the low profile molle and relocatable/removable compression straps.
It's a heavy denier and the shoulder straps are thick and stiff for a day (or 1/2 day) pack. I think it's a little over kill for a pack of this size since I doubt you would have that much weight in it to warrant the heavy dutyness of the straps but they work.

Some things I would change to make it my perfect day pack.
- Sew the shoulder straps in instead of the buckle arrangement and make it a yoke style instead of having that extra strap to keep them from spreading. Just not necessary (to me) for a day pack and would save some weight.
- I removed the back brace, pack is stiff enough without it. While it has some uses I don't need it in a pack of this size.
- Sunglass pouch needs to be bigger. I wear Costa Faintail sunglasses and they barely fit in there. Any type of sport polymer sunglass is going to be a tight fit.
- No waist belt? It's an add on extra cost. While I don't think I really need it for a pack this size the fact that they have the loops for it but don't include it at this price point is a miss.

And last but not least, the price. I'm a backpack junky and buy/try a lot of packs but $170 for this is hard to swallow. Don't get me wrong, it's a quality pack all the way and I love it but that's up there for a pack this size and it doesn't even come with the waist belt.