High Speed Gear

HSGI Padded Slim Grip Belt


High Speed Gear has long been a leading provider of comfortable, flexible tactical belts and now we’ve got a slimmed down version of the popular Sure Grip Belt. Designed for a lower weight and profile, the HSGI Slim Grip Belt delivers a combination of comfort, support, and versatility ready for any operation. Secure lower body weight comfortably, and attach gear at the waist with confidence thanks to HSGI’s removable HDPE stiffener. Experience the difference this versatile padded belt can make in your load-out - your back will thank you. 

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HSGI Slim Sure Grip Padded Belt Key Features

  • Enduring Comfort-Featuring neoprene padding, the belt provides a gel-like comfort and breathability. Plus, the HDPE stiffener helps evenly distribute your gear’s weight to avoid pressure points or lower back strain.
  • Unmatched Support-The removable stiffener allows this HSGI Slim Sure-Grip padded belt to easily run holsters and gear attachments without drooping or slacking. Two rows of continuous PALS/MOLLE are ready to secure your gear with confidence.
  • Durable Construction-Proudly made in America, this HSGI Slim Sure Grip padded belt is constructed from the toughest materials to withstand any scenario.
  • Compatible w/ the HSGI Cobra Rigger Belt


  • Dimensions: .5” thick and 3.25” tall
  • Removable HDPE stiffener
  • Neoprene padding
  • 4 suspender attachment points
  • 2 rows of continuous PALS/MOLLE