HYDRA Tactical .50 Caliber Bottle Opener


Produced for us by Bullets2Bandages, these are made from a real once-fired .50 Caliber BMG casing and a demilitarized M33 ball projectile this bottle opener will crack open any bottle with ease and is made with a durable powder-coated finish.

Available in matte black and 4 other colors to represent your favorite branch of the military: Army Green, Air Force Blue, Navy Blue, and Marine Corps Blue with Red tip. These HYDRA Tactical .50 Cal bottle openers make a great gift for the Veteran or Active military individual in your life or for use in your own garage bar!

We've even modified a few to replace the stock radio antenna on our trucks. You're still able to get a clear signal but this adds a little flair to your vehicle while also making sure you have an easily accessible bottle opener no matter where you are.

Made in the USA.

HYDRA Tactical Supply

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