Pacsafe Citysafe 350 GII Anti-Theft Backpack


Taking the things you need for a day of work in the city requires on the best way of transportation. Featuring three internal pockets for additional organization, and a variety of anti-theft technology for peace of mind.

The material that makes up the wallet is designed with unique RFIDsafe blocking pockets & materials. This wallet weighs in at 15.4 ounces, has a total dimensions of 3.9x9.3x11.8 inches.

RFIDsafe blocking materials keep your personal information, like passports and credit cards, safe from RFID skimming with a frequency blocking range of 10MHz - 3GHz.

In a modern world, there are many more perils of going on in adventure in the new world. Having your personal information or personal affects stolen can change the whole tone of an adventure. The mission of Pacsafe is to free you of your worries when traveling. And doing that while also bringing still only the highest quality products.

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