Pacsafe Intasafe Crossbody Anti-Theft Tablet Bag


The modern day requires the average commuter to not only worry about if they have everything they need, but if their stuff is safe. Internal pocket to keep you organized, a water bottle pocket, pen loop, and internal attachment point for wallets and key make it all the perfect travel companion. Featuring a dedicated 10 inch tablet sleeve. And a variety of anti-theft technology for peace of mind.

Designed with eXomesh slashguard, Carrysafe slashguard strap, RFIDafe blocking packets & material, Roobar Deluxe lockdown point, and secured zip tabs. This pack weighs in at 1.28 lbs, has a total dimensions of 30x23x10 cm, and has an internal volume of 7 liters.

Cut and runs thefts are hopeless against the stainless steel wire mesh barrier protection of eXomesh slashguard and Carrysafe straps that are reinforced by wire. RFIDsafe blocking materials keep your personal information, like passports and credit cards, safe from RFID skimming with a frequency blocking range of 10MHz - 3GHz. Curb a thief's enthusiasm by making pickpockets near impossible with a unified lockdown point for zippers, and Secured Zip Tabs that allow zippers to be placed under and through a special secure tab.

In a modern world, there are many more perils of going on in adventure in the new world. Having your personal information or personal affects stolen can change the whole tone of an adventure. The mission of Pacsafe is to free you of your worries when traveling. And doing that while also bringing still only the highest quality products.

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