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Shellback Banshee Rifle Plate Carrier


Police Body Armor Trusted By The LAPD 

When it comes to active shooter scenarios there is zero tolerance for plate carrier inadequacy. Shellback’s banshee rifle plate carrier not only meets military and police body armor requirements, it exceeds them. With a lightweight, maneuverable design that offers protection on all sides while accepting gear attachments wherever you’d like, you’ll feel confident in every scenario. You’ll find this plate carrier on The Los Angeles Police Department’s approved gear list, ready for individual officer purchase. 

For Police Departments, Battalions, or other large order inquiries, please call us at (702) 629-1973.

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Key Banshee Plate Carrier Details

  • Unmatched Protection-Designed to exceed military and law enforcement protection standards, this plate carrier is ideal for dangerous operations. The front and rear bottom-loading plate pockets accept 10” x 12” Level 3 and 4 ESAPI armor, or similar plates. The Cummerbund accepts 17” x 6” soft armor for stronger side protection.
  • Moving With You-The Banshee Rifle plate carrier strikes an excellent balance between protection, gear storage, and maneuverability. The Banshee’s shoulder straps are padded and fully adjustable, molding to your torso and evenly dispersing weight. Once adjusted, the shoulder area slides into itself and locks securely with a hidden quick release buckle. The Banshee’s cummerbund is also fully adjustable, or easily removed with quick-release buckles.
  • Attach Gear On Your Terms-Every professional has their own gear attachment preferences, and the Shellback Banshee plate carrier is flexible to them all. PALS/MOLLE pouchescan be attached on the shoulder pads, front, rear, and cummerbund sections of the plate carrier. There are hook and loop fields on the front and rear of the plate carrier for patches and IDs.


  • Compatible with 10” x 12” Level 3 and 4 ESAPI plates, or similar sized armor (not XL ESAPI)
  • 17” x 6” soft armor can be added to the removable cummerbund
  • Shoulder Pads: 2 rows of PALS/MOLLE attachment webbing, comms or hydration tube guides, and quick release buckle
  • Front: 5 rows of PALS/MOLLE attachment webbing, hook and loop attachment field, bottom loading plate pocket
  • Rear: 5 rows of PALS/MOLLE attachment webbing, hook and loop attachment field, bottom loading plate pocket
  • Cummerbund: 3 rows of PALS/MOLLE attachment webbing, soft armor pockets, quick-release buckles
  • Comfortable padding lines the entire plate carrier
  • Standard drag handle attached
  • LAPD approved
  • NTOA approved
  • Empty weight: 2lbs 5oz
  • Material: 500D Cordura

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