SureFire X400 Ultra Green Laser Weapon Light


The Surefire X400 Ultra Green is a compact light for long guns and pistols that emits powerful white-light and a green laser sight that is designed to optimize human eyesight. The LED generates 600 lumens of bright white light, focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. The X400 Ultra uses a 5 milliwatt laser sight that emits a high-visibility green (505 nM) beam. Designed to withstand recoil, once this has been zeroed, it rarely needs re-zeroing due to the Nylok® adjustment screws. This LED weapon light attaches easily to Universal rails on handguns or Picatinny rails on long guns and handguns. Perfect for using in close to medium-range engagements in law enforcement, military, and self-defense applications. Order yours today and get FREE SHIPPING from HYDRA Tactical!

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Key Surefire X400 Ultra Green LED Weapon Light Features

  • Durable and Reliable –This LED weapon light is constructed from aerospace aluminum that is hard anodized with a Mil-Spec finish, and gasket and O-ring sealed to keep out unwanted elements. Designed to last and provide a lethal combination of durability and performance.
  • Made for Anyone –With an ambidextrous push/toggle switch on the back of the light, this works for everyone. Providing one-finger control for constant or momentary operation, you can activate the light without adjusting your grip for efficiency.
  • Powerful Performance –The white-light provides accommodation to your peripheral vision, while also being powerful enough to blind any aggressor. In addition, the green laser provides continuous accuracy.


  • 600 lumens of white-light
  • 5 milliwatt laser sight with high-visibility green (505 nM) beam
  • TIR lens
  • Attaches to Universal and Picatinny rails
  • Weatherproof gasket and O-ring
  • Aerospace aluminum, Mil-Spec hard anodized body
  • Ambidextrous push/toggle switch