Trijicon TA31 ACOG 4x32 Dual Illuminated Scope


Trijicon Rifle Scope

Combine traditional marksmanship precision with the speed of a combat optical gunsight with the Trijicon rifle scope. Designed with dual illumination, this scope is ideal for accuracy in both bright and low to no light conditions. Featuring both fiber optics and tritium, this Bindon Aiming Concept (BAC) scope is designed to provide incredible accuracy. The reticle range is calibrated for 5.56/.223 rifles out to 800 meters and is a doughnut-style bullet drop compensated reticle. Improve your accuracy and shoot like a true marksman with the Trijicon TA31 dual illuminated scope. Order now!

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Key Trijicon TA31 Features

  • Durable-This Trijicon rifle scope is housed in aircraft aluminum alloy, which provides a nearly indestructible sighting system. So, this scope is built to last.
  • Accurate – With dual illumination, the Trijicon TA31 provides precise accuracy in all conditions. Never worry about missing your mark again day or night.


  • Length: 5.8in
  • Weight: 9.9oz
  • 32mm objective size
  • Calibrated for 5.56/.223 rifles out to 800 meters
  • 4x magnification
  • Donut reticle pattern
  • 1.5in eye relief
  • 8mm exit pupil
  • 36.8ft field of view at 100 yards
  • 2 clicks/in adjustment at 100 yards
  • 7° field of view
  • Carry handle included with mount
  • Housed in forged aluminum
  • Fiber optics and tritium illumination source